Old News

12-15 2009: 5 new pages and one picture in the giftart gallery.

Basically I'm officially ending my comic. I'll still update here once in a while, if i do a short story, or get a lot of giftart, but there won't be any more chapter pages. Thanks for sticking with me for pretty much a decade. :)

If you want to continue looking into my art, you can visit my official homepage for links to my current comic projects or my internet galleries.

11-12 2009: 3 new pages and a new picture of Chrystel in the gallery. Thanks to Monica and Copycat for the collective work correcting the grammar on these. :)

10-13 2009: 4 new pages. Somewhat late compared to what I had planned, so here's my apologies. ;)
There's also two new Chrystel Pictures in the art section, and 4 new giftarts in gift art gallery 22.

7-9 2009: 4 new pages. Thanks to Monica for correcting the grammar on these. Yes, I have actually updated the third chapter a little. Also, if curious, this is the thumbnails for said chapter. I finally got an actual script made, and can tell you that the chapter has 12 pages to go. X)
Besides from pages, I have also updated giftart gallery 21 and 22. :)

4-10 2009: Giftart gallery is updated with gallery 21 that has 7 new pictures. :)

4-9 2009: A year went by, and suddently I remembered my webcomic. Whops. Yes, the date is sort of a joke.
The last pages are posted, and there's new art in the art gallery. I've had an head ache all day, so gift art will have to wait. I need sleep... Zzzz...

4-9 2008: So, last update was an April's fool. ;) The page was however part of a larger 6 page story. I had hoped to get all the pages ready, but stuff came up and I only have half of them so far.
Furthermore the giftart gallery has been updated with 4 new pictures, and the tattoo section with 2 (seriously, tattoos? You guys leaves me speechless). I also updated the gallery with two new pictures.

4-1 2008: I have decided to let Stereotype Devil tell the story in the future.

This is her first page in the new and improved comic. She tells me that she worked very hard, and that this page is the best ever made for the comic. She is however not all certain if she'll be able to uphold this artistic level in all the future comics, so the time spend per page may drop a little...

I'll update the gallery and giftgallery later this month. :)

9-26 2007: Bad excuse uploaded and 13 new giftarts uploaded. I should be out of old giftarts by now. ;) All the coding-errors on the page should be fixed by now, but if you find anything please let me know.

Also, on a personal note, I will hand in my masters thesis in exactly one month from today. This will NOT have any positive effects on October's update.

9-24 2007: Page scanned, and all 13 giftarts from my real ife sketchbook are scanned and equipped with thumbnails. Time has caugth up with me, though. I seriously need sleep. Sorry.

9-23 2007: Page content on it's way. I got a bad excuse, but it needs to be scanned. The server of Stereotype Devil and Angel has just been upgraded. This unfortunately seems to mean, that several links are broken. I need to manually go through all content on the page to check for broken links. :( So yeah, I know some things are out of order right now. I plan on repairing it all and updating for real tomorrow. Sorry. :( It would appear that the old server found the "most predictable file" in case of typos, while the new one is totally merciless. I never realised this on the old server, since my mistakes were forgiven. ;)

8-13 2007: Two new pages, and three giftarts starting gift art gallery 19. :)
This July, my "guest sketchbook" was filled with it's last drawing. Somewhere along the line I got the crazy idea of scanning all those drawings. I'm not through yet, but next month I'll probably post two-three years worth of STDA guestbook fanart. There's some very nice pieces among those, so hopefully it'll make up for it if I don't get any pages done (I've been commisioned to work for Bella Sara again, and is pretty busy with my masters thesis).

7-6 2007: Three very late pages. Long story short, Copycat got hit hard by Real Life. So these pages actually has been grammar checked by Thitida-No-Chey.
I do technically have giftart and other things to show, but I'm going on a bus for a weeks vacation in half an hour, and simply doesn't have the time to upload those things. You'll have to wait a bit for the rest. ;)

4-14 2007: A bad excuse. Sort of explains itself. Suddently I'm back to the paid commisions.
Also, for some obscure reason, my forum suddently was working again. So that part of the site is reopened. ;)

3-6 2007: Complete site redesign. Finished three days before my planned deadline. :) If you find anything that doesn't work, please do tell it to me so I can fix it.

Important! I have lost my old e-mail address

Anything sent to me over the last months, that I did not reply to is lost! We are talking months of unreplied mail here (Yeah. I was horrible at checking that e-mail account. That's how I lost it). Hopefully, my new contact info should work better. Also, that mail is checked several times a day.
If you sent me an e-mail that I have not replied to, it is lost. Please contact me again.
If you have sent me fanart, that I have not posted in the gift art gallery, it is lost, and you need to send it to me again.

New art: The site has been updated with a bad excuse, several new pictures in the art gallery, and a huge amount of fanart. Gallery 16 is filled, and I have added gallery 17 and 18. You can also find a new picture in the tatoo gallery.

Shoutbox: As people can see I have added a shoutbox. Hopefully, checking the shoutbox daily will remind me that I need to make new pages for my story. ;)
As a consequence I have removed my guestbook, since it pretty much served the same purpose as the shoutbox.

Updated Shops: I have updated the inventory at my Cafepress shop, and added a link to my prints at Deviantart.

Forum: I have given up on my forum. Every time my host changed their servers I lost access to the forum. Also, while PHPBB2 is great, they attract spam-boots like crazy. I liked the idea of Kagami Forum, and if another of the old members wish to recreate it, I'd love to be a part of it again. But for now I'll just do without a forum.

6-4 2006: I'm in the middle of my finals, and very very tired. I've uploaded 6 pages. 3 to the story, and 3 as a short story, but other than that you have to wait a little longer. I got a lot of fanart, and some stuff for the art gallery, but I'm simply to tired to write more code. Anyway, look forward to the fanart, once I get the time. ^_~

12-14 2005: Fanarts updated and a new fanart section called fan comics has been added.

8-17 2005: Two new pages and new three giftarts uploaded.

7-12 2005: Another bad excuse. busy summerholiday, and to much heat to draw.

6-10 2005: Finals tend to steal my life for two months every semester. I'm sorry about the lack of update last month, but... Yeah, finals.
A bad excuse and two cool new giftarts.

4-27 2005 Whops. I decided not to post my pages before I had a paid assignment finished, and that took longer than I thought it would. Two new pages, new giftart, a new doll and a new colouring-giftart made as a wallpaper (look under "coloured pics").

3-14 2005: My life just doesn't cooperate with my desire to make comicpages. I gave up on february, so here's an march update.
Besides from the short joke, I've also uploaded some new giftarts. And I added a "doll-section" to my fanartsection, after recieving a bunch of those. Oh, and fanartgallery 14 got filled up, so I opened gallery 15.

12-15 2004: Two new pages... They're a bit late, but at least they're up now. ^_~ Also, I got a new giftart.
These pages more or less marks the end of an era. I've now officially started to use a Pantone Tria black marker to fill in the larger areas of black. Before this I would simply use mu little line-up Sakura Micron Pigment Ink pens to fill out black as well. but with a character like Nethiel that simply doesn't pay off any longer. Honestly, there's to many big black areas on that guy.

11-11 2004: Well, i got a bad excuse and that's pretty much it. I hope to have a better update next month.

10-17 2004: One new page (that is late) as well as five new giftarts. But at the least I finally got to introduce a certain character. ^_~

9-9 2004: Only one page this month. Sorry, my creativity are used on paid commisions. I've now started giftartgallery 14, so I could get room for the last of my five new giftarts, and I've updated the artgallery as well.

8-12 2004: Copycat was a lot faster than I had hoped. So here is two pages, a bunch of giftart (I had to start on giftgallery 13, and it ended up almost full). I also made a little correction in the gift-colouring gallery, that now should display the correct image under "newest".

8-9 2004: Almost back! After two months of super evil finals and several weeks spend on hospitals I'm now working on the comic again. I did however fail to get the pages ready in time. (I need to get my hands in Copycat now). I've uploaded a bad excuse, that was supposed to be finished for july, so people can have a little to play with until I have the pages ready.

5-9 2004: I've now officially started on chapter three. There's only one page, but.. It's a frontpage so it's got colours. ^_~
Also, there's two new pictures of Stereotype Angel in the art-section, and three new giftarts as well.

4-11 2004: I managed to get two short jokes ready. Well, one of them can hardly be called a comicpage, but I figured anything to be better than a bad excuse. ^_~
On top of that there's new giftart and a new picture in the art-section.

Also, I need to find myself a new counter. Again... *sigh* The one I got now has gotten this idea about only providing free services to pages on Danish...

4-5 2004: I wanted to have the bad excuse for march ready. It's been half done for a month. Then Real Life hit me...
During march I've spent around 14 days being sick. I even got to spend three days at the hospital.
On top of that my scanner doesn't work. So I'll try to get an update for april ready as soon as possible, but it'll probably be late.

BTW. Check out the cute little pictures under the "characters" frontpage. They've been redone.

2-17 2004: The last three pages of the photo-shortstory is now up. A day late, I know. But I forgot to think of the fact that Copycat (who has to look at the grammar) has a life as well. (Thanks to Copycat for taking the time to correct them with short notice. ^-^)

2-9 2004: 3 pages for a short-story is up. I really wanted to make six, but RL caught up on me and made me sick on the days I'd planed to do them. So the last three pages will be up in a week. Also, new art and new gifts. And I've gotten a picture of someone who's gotten a tattoo with Stereotype Devil. Wow... (in the giftart section as well).

1-21 2004: My update is late because of way to many finals placed in January. However, I've now finally ended chapter two. Three new pages for your enjoyment. Also, there's a small picture in the art-section and a lot of cool new giftarts. ^-^

12-10 2003: My month has been crazy... I had a commision (paid) on about 25 drawings. Also, Tegnebordet has been upgrated to version 8. That meant that all old drawings had to be transfered, and because of a new searched-system they had to be aproved by admins again. I think I've aproved 4-5000 drawings on a week. That's a LOT of drawings, I can asure you that!!!
Anyway, I have one page under short stories this month. In colour, to make up for the lack of pages. ^_~ Also, the giftart-gallery and the gallery for giftcolouring has been updated.

11-9 2003: Heh, Gwennafran's Bad Excuses strikes again. However, this one do seem to be pretty amusing. (It made my boyfriend giggle, that says a lot..) Anyway, one bad excuse, five new giftarts (i've now started on gift art gallery 10) and one new picture in the art section. I've also repaired a whole bunch of broken links in the art section. Thanks to those who told me they were there. (And Nikita for helping me find them late in the evening while updating)

10-13 2003: Well, it's now officially monday (Even though I more or less promised to have the pages ready for sunday). I blame Wapsi Square. I accidentaly stumbled over that comic sunday morning, and... well... I couldn't really leave it before I'd read all the pages. Hehe, there's something about Monika that reminds me about Copycat.

Anyway, I guess you're really here to hear about the update, so here you go. 2 new pages, a new picture in the art gallery and five new giftarts.

9-9 2003: two new pages. So much for finishing 2. chapter in my summerholiday. O.o Anyway, I've had some really constuctive criticism telling me to work with perspectives/page layout, so I wen't a little crazy (Well, for my standard). Also, new giftarts, and a new sort of gallery in the giftart gallery. And I got an old file of a tattoo to work, so there's a new tattoo as well. Finally I got a new picture of STD in the art-section.
I also had to realise I missed my counter. So I installed a new. This one has all sort of statistics, so I find myself constantly checking it, and trying to figure my average for visits. (whops, counters are not good for me)

8-11 2003: Two new pages, new art, new giftart and a litlle maintaining of the side.
I've now removed my counter since it doesn't work anymore. On 11 months it reached a little over 18.000 hits. Not bad considering all the downtime this page has been suffering. ^_~ I think I'll see if I can live without a counter for a little. See if I can live without knowing the number of visitors I have. ^_~

7-29 2003: I've playd a little with the design on the frontpage as well as the comic-section, art-section and characters-section.

7-9 2003: Three new pages, a new picture in the art section and a brand new forum (It's ten times better than my old yahoo-group). Wow, this must be the first time in a year I got several pages but no giftart. I actually feel proud now. ^-^
I'm still looking for a new counter. Stupid as I was I saw a month wrong on the date it would expire, but that doesn't change the fact that the problem just starts next month instead.

6-26 2003: Made a couple of new banners with Stereotype Angel. However, I didn't think I had any good with the devil, so that just have to wait. -.-'''

6-25 2003: Yeah yeah, I know I said a week, but I'm notorious for being lazy, rigth? ^_~ Links and Weird Details are back up and running. My page is now almost back to it's old self. I think I'll make myself an all new frontpagedesign.

6-17 2003: Most things are back to normal and updated as well. ^-^
There's no actual comicpages, but I do have a bad excuse, and a short joke (in Danish though). There's also new pictures in the art gallery, and lots of new giftart.

I still need to update the Links and Weird Details, but I simply don't have any energy to do that left. To much HTML in one day... @.@

6-16 2003: Everything I've made in between this date end the previous more or less got accidentally deleted as the server of Tegnebordet was moved. I'm now working on rebuilding my site and upload all the things I have on my harddisk. (Yes, I have to upload everything again) It migth take some days before my page is just nearly back to what it looked like before it was moved.

Now the good news. Anyone who remembers how I complained about not being able to use FTP from my computer? Well, it was probably the old server that hated me, because things works fine now. I can upload my page from my old computer. Woho!

I also figured I just as well could make some real updates at the page, now I had the change. There's a link to my new cafeshop from the frontpage (buy stuff). Also, I've joined a webring for Danish anime/manga homepages.

If anyone knows a really good counter (that won't go and start charge money just as you've gotten use to it) I'd very much like to know. Since the one I'm using now has decided only to have paying users from the first of july.

Later added: There's a saying about ALWAYS to take back ups. So true... However, it turned out that I'd actually had some on my giftart gallery. I guess I spend so much time uploading all those giftarts (and write text to it) that I took back ups of it as I got back on my own computer. Yes!
Anyway, all imagefiles is now uploaded. Guess next project will concentrate on the coding. I got something near a year of actions on this page to catch up on. I think I'll start on my comicpage and work my way down through the menu from there... @_@

10-17 2002: Late update. My server broke down around the 10.th and I was a day late with my bad excuse. Ehh... Yeah, that's rigth. No real update this month. The socalled real life is cathing up with me and as a result I haven't had much time to draw. Or reply on emails, which I'm sure some of those who has sent me emails during the last couple of months has noticed... Sorry 'bout that.

9-9 2002: Three new pages, three new giftarts, updated the artgallery including a tutorial on making chibi proportions, added some 31X88 pixel banners and updated the links. Phew... I actually think that should do it. I'm planning on making new banners and updating the frontpage with some little tumbnails, but I've been planning on THAT for month. *G* Take it as a nice surprice if I actualy gets that done during this next month.

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