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Chapter 1
Please note: I started drawing this comic back in 2000 and ended chapter 3 in 2009. It shows in the art.
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 3
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Short Jokes

12-2000: X-mas Special: Long Stockings
A page done for Christmas 2000.

6-2001: Gift to Pernille
My first Stereotype Devil and Angel page on Danish. Sorry folks. If you don't know the language you have to be satisfied looking at the pictures. It's a gift to Pernille. ^-^

12-2001: Boxershorts - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
I pretty much explain myself on the pages. Anyway, thanks to Mette.

1-2002: Sizeproblems - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
This is pretty much a challenge I gave myself. I wanted to go crazy in pagelayouts and such... Don't worry. I'll go back to the chibi version of them after this. *G* You can visit M-chan here. ^_~

8-2002: Gift to Sunna
Just a little something to Sunna after she's been so busy commenting my Elfwoodgalleries and sending me giftart during the last year.
Nethiel is an unintrodused character that eventually show up in a later chapter. This is way of story, though. Nethiel and STA hasn't meet in the actual story. BTW. There's nothing wrong with Nethiels memory. He just prefer to ignore it if it tells him something he doesn't like.

2-2003: Coloured page to Copycat
She wanted me to make this before she went to Australia for six months on exchange. The clothes and pose on the first pic are taken from a postcard. (her request) ^_~

5-2003: Sunnastyle
I got inspired from the style Sunna made my angel in at some of her giftarts. Sp I sort of combined these styles into this.

6-2003: Deathmatch-reply (In Danish)
A reply for a challenge I got from Dracarn at the Deathmatch page at Tegnebordet. The picture that triggered it can be seen here.

12-2003: Chrystel-dance
I thought I'd make up for my bad excuse in nowember. Chrystel has been sulking for a month! And that's really annoying.
And look, colours! Also, I had fun breaking a lot of the "STDA-rules" in this one. (Like "no shadows on the ground" and "the angels clothes shows very little of the bodys form beneath it")

2-2004: Photosession - Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6
Is also featuring my grammar-help Copycat. There was this utopian idea about taking referance pictures of Stereotype Devil and Angel together. Looking all cute and happy. I mean, both of them... At the same time. On the same picture... What was I thinking?

4-2004:Character Differences
It can be discussed weather it's a comic or not. But it made me giggle while making it. ^_~

4-2004: Collecting Feathers.
You don't get bored living with characters like these. I can tell you that much...

3-14 2005: No pets!
A gift to M-chan as well as an statement to petowners. Don't let Stereotype Devil near your pets!

6-04 2006: Ferret Special - Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
The consequence of meeting other peoples pets.

Gwennafrans bad excuses

- Why I didn't update this month...

11-2001: Bad memory - 1 - 2
This is really what happened. This is why I upload this and not four pages to the jokes-section...

2-2002: My Pet Dragon Burned the pages...
Really, he did... Also, this is done without Copycats help. Fortunately, I had M-chan near to give a hand with the grammar on the "page" instead.

5-2002: Homework! @_@
Like said... (Note: Copycat hasn't had a change to look at this. Eventual bad grammar is because of my crappy skills into the English language.)

6-2002: Fragmented story...
Yet a page that hasn't meet Copycat. I don't wanna bother her with my excuses... I just hope I'll have some pages ready for next month.

10-2002: Real Life...
Can you believe it? I'm actually starting to have something that could be compared to such a thing. @_@ It takes away my time for drawing.

11-2002: Auch!
I'm so gonna get her for that! Damn it, your characters are supposed to respect you!

6-2003: Tegnebordet
It's not my fault! It's that stupid webpage that takes to much of my life. (Tegnebordet is a Danish web page at which I'm admin. It's also the host for this page.)

11-2003: It's Chrystels Fault!
See, her fault. Not mine. Half of this page is lined up in a train. I actually didn't know I could do that. I apologise for unsecure lines and blame it on a bumpy trainride, though...

3-2004: I got sick.
No kidding. That and some very nasty homework...

7-2004: Evil Finals.
Well, this WAS supposed to be for july, but I actually didn't got it up before august. I did study very hard to pass my finals though. The whole "reading 10-12 hours in a row-thing" is true.

11-11 2004: It's Nethiels Fault
I swear! He stole my work. I couldn't do anything about it.

2-6 2005: He didn't even let me finish my excuse
Damn angel. I'm gonna get him for this. I swear!

6-10 2005: Alien Abduction
I swear! It really happened... You gotta watch out for those little grey things.

7-12 2005: Too hot to draw
No really. It is... My paper gets sweaty (ewww), and it's hard to hold the pencil with wet hands.

3-6 2007: I got distracted
It's those damn horses. They're sneaky. And they pay me.

4-14 2007: Shiny Money
It happened, I swear. It's that darn tendency I have of valueing the money that can buy me new drawing materials. ;)

9-26 2007: No Internet: I'm telling you, the trauma... I'm still not up to date on my e-mails, and it's a month since I got it back. I think I need at least two more weeks to recover. X(

4-9 2009: Pages by the cast: Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6 - Page 7
When the cast characters get their take on the comic.

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